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743-2500    Option # 1



* * * Updated July 16th, 2014 * * *


The Warren County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce the implementation of a new service called Verizon Enterprise Messaging.


The Sheriff’s Office will continue to deliver messages as we always have.  The new system bypasses Verizon’s SPAM filters allowing Verizon customers to receive text messages generated by our system more reliably.  Depending on your data plan, charges may be incurred by the subscriber.


The new system will also give the end user the ability to enable, disable or cancel messages from your handset by texting back to us via the Verizon system.  You DO NOT need to be a Verizon Wireless customer to take advantage of this service.


This service should not be considered a replacement for messages received via the Fire Alert paging system.  Messages from this system will show WCSO ALERT in the text message header.


Users currently enrolled do not need to enroll again.  New users or users wishing to change their delivery format from e-mail to text message should submit their request on the form provided below by clicking on the link.


Completed forms may be mailed to:

Warren County Sheriff's Office

1400 State Route 9

Lake George, NY 12845 or


e-mailed to larry.jeffords@sheriff.co.warren.ny.us or


Faxed to 518-743-2519



The Warren County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny or terminate this service without notice for any use that adversely affects network performance.



Text Messaging Sign-Up Form



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* * * Warren County Street Files - Updated July 8th, 2013 * * *

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Interstate-87 Fire/EMS Response Areas with Reference Markers


Monthly Mutual Aid Reports 2013 (pdf)

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2013 Mutual Aid Report (Excel)


Monthly Mutual Aid Reports 2014 (pdf)

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2014 Mutual Aid Report (Excel)





The following EMS agencies are on Automatic Mutual Aid:

Hague EMS

North Qby EMS




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Communications Handbook - Version 4G (12/7/2013)

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To access the Call for Service number and run times for your agency click on your agency name.  You will then see a list of available Calls for Service for your agency.  Click on the appropriate CFS and your run times will be displayed.  If you experience any problems, contact the Computer Technology Unit at 743-2500 and select option # 7 then option # 2.  Or e-mail:


Bay Ridge Rescue Squad

Bolton Emergency Squad

Empire Ambulance Service

Hague Emergency Squad

Johnsburg Emergency Squad

Lake George Emergency Squad

Minerva Emergency Squad

North Queensbury Emergency Squad

North Warren Emergency Squad

Rockwell Falls Ambulance Service

Stony Creek Emergency Squad

Warrensburg Emergency Squad

West Glens Falls Emergency Squad